Best tips on Black Men Beard Care

Tips on black  men beard care includes:

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Taking  good care of the skin underneath your beard. It  doesn’t mean  you dont  need to care for the skin just because you dont see it. In order to have a  good black  beards , a solid foundation must be made. Your beards takes away  moisture from your skin which will  often leave  your skin dry .This  makes your beard have dandruff. It is essential that black men have    a daily skin care  practice.


Some type of moisturizer help to  sustain the  softness of beards  and make it  easier to brush. The   most  known are beard oil and beard balm. It is  recommended to  use both incase  you have beard tends to get dry. They are all essential items.

What to avoid

Black men in most cases have  a  rough  or curly hair .This  may lead to razor bumps and ingrown hairs. Dude with darker  skin  often react to inflammation like   of that caused by razor bumps..

Although growing a beard is   often more so protective, waiting for  too long to address razor bumps is  very a  huge mistake: The damage  that  it would have made to the hair follicle as a result of untreated razor bumps may really make it  quite challenging to prevent the  flare-ups.

You shouldn’t be too aggressive tryin to pull off  ingrowth hair as you may end up with scars. Its  basically creating one problem for another.

You should always  have a beard  kit  which  has been specifically meant for black guys .Some of the important stuff to have include;


  • A Natural Beard Soap –The best  beard soaps are all-natural soaps that have the natural ocurring glycerine still intact. This help to moisturize beards..
  • Beard Oil –Ensure  that you have a  beard oil  with  unrefined jojoba and pure argan . Avoid  using synthetic fragrance oils.
  • Beard Balm – The beard balm that you use  should contain  sealants, such as unbleanched shea butter and beeswax. It should  also   have moisturizers like unrefined jojoba and pure argan oil.
  • Beard Brush – boar’s hair brushes are  important for distributing oils and balms evenly throughout your  facial hair.This is because of  the natural scales  on  the  bristles of boar’s hair..

Beard Comb –You should go for a beard comb  with  teeth that is  smoothed edged Most of the  cheap combs have teeth with very  sharp edges. This  may cause facial hair to snap or even  break while you are  combing

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