How to grow a beard faster (Even if you are 16,17 or 18)

Do  you want to learn how to grow a beard faster even if you are 16,17,18  or an adult ?Then worry no more, cos beard shape up will assist you in your journey to grow a beard in three easy steps.Every step is as important as the  other and should be taken with the same importance.


Growing beard needs a lot of  commitment. This experience can  actually be a test of character as well as .You must have what it takes to make it successfull.First of all,

Why grow a beard

Actually , this  question should have been: Why  should you NOT grow a beard? Shaving is  often the normality and letting the beard grow is  actually an exception. So a llittle of courage  may be required to take the direction  of growing  a beard. Once you have  taken the decision , it  can be   reversed easily  upon second thought.

Whenever  you see a full-bearded man , you know that he made the decision to be  like that and actually  he had the determination to stick with  his decision.


Whether you should grow a beard  or not relies largely  on genetics. The growth of beard is often genetically determined . However that does not mean that you cant stimulate the growth of beard to happen faster.You actually can, as long as you are committed.



Caring for your physical health does  not only increase the  flow of blood and nutrients but also boost your testosterone which is a vital hormone that stimulate hair growth.. Testosterone primes  the follicle of the hair  for growth,then  DHT  enhances  the actual growth of the hair. Therefore having more testosterone results to having more facial hair and a better growth.

Having  said, boosting your Testosterone will not  overcome the genetics of poor facial hair  and bring  one from a baby-bottom-smooth to a  world-class-lumberjack. What actually happens is that it having more  T will  improve  the genetics that affects beard. So, in case you are destined to have -smooth beard, you might notice  a small improvement  in facial hair.

Testosterone levels can be improved by increasing sexual  and physically activities

There are also steroids that do increase Testosterone .However , you should  try to avoid them as they may have adverse effects on your system.



There are lots of beard growth product that can promote the growth of your beard.  If you have just started out growing a beard and not impressed with the rate of growth of the beards ,you can definitely try these out. They  often come  in spray or capsule.

The spray are often quite more effective as they can be applied at specific intended area. However you may also consider getting the capsule in case you desire to have a general increase in facial hair.

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